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Gail Cavanaugh, a licensed life, accident, and health insurance producer for Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company, has authored many business and finance articles, as well as six  blogs, and two books since the economic crisis of 2008.


Seminars and Webinars

1.  Offering seminars on the benefits of a health care supplemental insurance program for businesses.  Many changes are taking place in the health care industry which will affect your business.  Enhance your benefits package to attract and retain valuable employees at no additional cost to your company.  Save time and money on health benefits programs.  Products include life insurance, disability programs, accidental death coverage, health insurance supplements, wellness plans, wellness cards to protect your employees.   Personalized for your employees.   I will work with groups, associations, and employers of twenty or more people.  Contact me for an appointment in Rhode Island.  401-297-6681 or 401-380-7850.

Since she has authored a book, The Retailer's Guide to Merchant Services, she is offering seminars on the book and the credit card processing industry to help business owners be more aware of the fraud that may be affecting their business through the acceptance of credit cards for purchases.  

When developing a business idea, it is important to include plans for managing the collection of the money to ensure that the business is making the maximum amount on the products and services while keeping the costs of doing business as low as possible. Therefore, it is best to research all the options and the costs involved.   Her new book will be available at the seminars.  To arrange a seminar, please call 401-297-6681.

Employee Communications 

2.  Presenting educational meetings with your employees to update them on the new health care reform.  Training on how to apply for health insurance on the exchanges.  Workshops on how to manage the budget to take on the added cost of life insurance and health care benefits, and how to reduce the out of pocket costs at the same time.  Communication with the employees about the importance of protecting the assets.

Federal Employee Benefits

1. Federal and civil service, state, municipal, and postal employees - Do you understand your benefits package?  I am a licensed life insurance agent representing Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company.  I am willing to sit down with you to discuss the details of your employee benefits and how you can fill in the gaps in your coverage.  

            * The Boston Mutual Legacy Life Select permanent life insurance policy offers a solution to the limitations on your FEGLI  life insurance policy available to you through your employee benefits.  Note:  Boston Mutual Life Insurance is not affiliated with any government agency.

             * There is a solution to the need for disabiltity income in the event that you cannot work due to a sickness or illness.  Inquire about our disability insurance.

             * The Boston Mutual Employee Critical Illness plan offers financial protection for the unexpected need to cover out of pocket expenses associate with confinement to a hospital.  

Request an appointment today on the contact form to discuss the Boston Mutual Postal and Federal Comprehensive Plan.  No obligation!

2.  For a complete analysis of your retirement benefits, request Boston Mutual Life's FREE copy of the Federal Employee Benefit Booklet and Retirement Guide.

Simply complete the contact form and it will be mailed to you.  Please include your mailing address in the email message.  All information is confidential.  No obligation!  This booklet will be very important to you and your family's security!


3.  Podcasts for business owners.  Dollars for Business is a radio show which airs each Wednesday at 7:00 am.  Join me on Blog Talk Radio:

4.  Life Insurance for families

Approximately 95 million people are without life insurance protection which means that their families are at risk for financial calamity due to the untimely death of a head of the household. Many families today are headed by a single parent which would leave the family even more at risk. If the parent dies, prematurely, the children would be orphaned. Therefore, single parents need to consider who they would appoint as a guardian to the children. They would also need to provide an income to raise the children. Many families today are ill-equipped to assume the responsibility of one or more children in addition to the family which they may already have. Therefore, the best way to provide an income would be to purchase life insurance.

Boston Mutual Life Insurance is a provider of life insurance for final expense, mortgage protection, and income replacement upon death.  Contact me for futher information.

Cavanaugh Business Solutions Blog

Business Solutions

Creating results - oriented marketing plans for small, medium and large businesses seeking to reach their target market for their business.  I can bring your business to the top of the search engines immediately, with quality content designed to reach your target market.  I specialize in business consulting, business development, and sales and marketing consulting for medium and large business, consulting for non-profit filings, and Google Adwords advertisements. A writer of six blogs, I also do marketing plans for all types of businesses including, developing marketing campaigns, business plans, advertising, creating content, SEO (search engine optimization), creating a brand, and social media marketing.  I write e-books for marketing the business, press releases, white papers, business reports and manuals, ghost and article writing.



Retailers' Guide to Merchant Services - for retailers who are new to the Internet and would like to know how to build their profits.  Explains merchant accounts and how to choose the best one for your company. Revised copy available soon by Gail Cavanaugh.  To request your copy, notify me through the contact form.

The book is available on-line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble's.  Gail Cavanaugh is available for speaking engagements.  Contact her through the contact form or at her booking page.